Strange Beginnings

I've been circling around ideas for a personal blog for awhile. 

I'm hesitant to call it "daily" but that's the goal at least. So I needed a subject that was consistently interesting for myself and any poor soul reading this. I can easily run off at the keyboard about comic books, hip-hop music, podcasts, movies, etc., but I'd eventually get bored focusing on any one of them. 

Being the entertainment enthusiast(media whore) I am, I usually see the new movies, play the new games, read the weekly comics and watch an unhealthy amount of TV. This puts me in a position to offer completely biased, unsolicited, and certainly, unqualified opinions. More importantly, this leaves me open to just ramble about whatever shiny object is stealing my attention at the moment.

Resisting the urge to start with Fargo Season 2(trust me, you'll hear plenty about it) I'm going with a very unlikely subject, The Green Elephant restaurant in Portsmouth, NH. What makes this an unlikely choice is that first, I've been in the restaurant business for more than a decade as both cook and server, so my opinion is far more *eh-hmm* qualified than most. The second reason is that the Green Elephant is a vegetarian establishment, and not only do I enjoy most of the animals of the edible variety, but I've also poked playful fun at vegetarians for years.

I'm not going to change, literally, any of my lifestyle because of this visit, but I thought it beared mentioning. After trying a plethora of dishes I would say this restaurant could hold its own with some of the better places in the area. By collecting a hodge-podge of the best vegetarian dishes from different cultures(mostly asian) and some vegan mind tricks they made G.E. extremely approachable for omnivores. Some normal complaints about vegetarian dishes can be about texture or that they're not filling. They solve both these problems by frying pretty much everything to a crisp. While the different items were packed with levels of flavor, nothing seemed overwrought or greesy. Good local beer choices and an enjoyable atmosphere really cinched it. 

Now, I'm gonna go eat the leftovers but I appreciate you making it this far and I look forward to sharing my experiences(obsessions) with you in the future. Feel free to comment or even drop your own reviews in the Comments section below.