TBS's Angie Tribeca

I love the wacky.

I like shows that are meta, self-aware or break the fourth wall. Ones that toy with a genre’s tropes, subverting the viewer’s expectations. This probably started with The Simpsons, the first show I remember having that “loose” reality. Since then I’ve been blessed with shows like 30 Rock, Venture Bros. and Comedy Bang Bang that operate on a higher plain than (most) network sitcoms, showing their love for discarded pop culture even as they skewer it. Unfortunately, those gems are hard to find. 

I had seen commercials for TBS’s Angie Tribeca that played like the True Detective intro, until you see a dog driving a police car at the end. I got a laugh out of it, but quickly flushed it from my mind. A few weeks later, my friend mentioned she was watching it. She compared it to Naked Gun and thought I’d like it. She was correct. Within the first thirty seconds I was sold on this. References to 80s movies, disregard for the rules of reality, but really just utter nonsense. Thank you. 

First off, I notice in the opening credits that Steve Carrell is the creator, writer and director. This seems like a major missed opportunity for TBS. I saw that commercial several times and never knew Carrell was even involved. I mean, it would have been an automatic “watch” for me.

 It plays like a CSI episode mixed with the aforementioned 80s buddy cop film. Rashida Jones successfully delivers a lot more comic relief than most of her previous roles have allowed, and has an incredibly strong supporting cast. Also, they roll out well-known guest stars pretty regularly, including the KING of cameos himself. I swear it kind of feels like Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law at times. The plotlines are erratic and everything goes back to normal after, it just keeps the insanity coming.

I moved through the first season pretty quick and look forward to the next one, which looks like it’s been greenlit according to IMDB.com.