RiffTrax Presents: Starship Troopers

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming back.

If that doesn’t get you excited see a doctor, you’re dead inside. On top of that sundae of amazing sprinkle a little new host Jonah Ray, and recently added Patton Oswalt! You may recognize Jonah Ray from the Nerdist podcast, TripTank or numerous walk-on rolls. Patton Oswalt you may just recognize from being a comedy god. The real icing on the cake is that it was funded(nearly 3x over) by fans on Kickstarter, showing the true value in MST3K as well as crowdfunding in general.

For those that don’t know, since MST3K has been cancelled the cast has been doing live shows as RiffTrax. They show a bad movie in front of a live audience as they do what they do best and riff. None of the shows have made their way to New England, but the local movie theater has been reshowing them.

Starship Troopers is already a joke. I personally like the movie, but it is not good. It seems to be a parody one second, and a serious commentary on society the next. It’s hard to separate the sarcasm from just failed attempts at filmmaking, and the acting does not help. So this movie was a prime candidate for riffing.  

Simply put, this show was hilarious. It stands on its own, but seeing it in a theater with a bunch of other comedy nerds was choice. They cut shots of the cast standing at podiums along one side of the screen, which I found a bit unnecessary, but everything else was as you’d imagine. I would recommend this to anyone. These guys still have it, and I can see the new series(MST3K) running for a long time to come.